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We are proud of our long heritage of successful events. Started in 1962 by Gene Rosenberg and Paul Cohen, PFP has grown into the most popular and highly recommended event company in the United States. We are specialists in the furniture industry. We frequently say that “Our people make the difference.” Please take a few minutes to discover why Planned Furniture Promotions should be your first choice in high impact events. Thanks for visiting!


Reference Letters

Being a family owned and operated store for 87 years with a good reputation and living in the area, it was important to me to leave with the same good reputation.

When you came to talk with us, I was impressed with all the things you told us you would do like keeping our good reputation, respect for me, my son and son-in-law, work with honesty, do weekly reports, etc., and try to make our sale a success.

You did all those things and much more.

E.N. Miller Furniture Company
Verona, PA
Helen K. Miller, Owner